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(Each 1mL contains)

- Amoxicillin trihydrate

- Colistin sulfate

-------------------------------------- 200g (Activity)

-------------------------------------- 500,000,000 IU


Prevention and treatment of infections caused by amoxicillin and colistin sensitive bacteria.
- Calf :

Pneumonia caused by Haemophilus and Pasteurella, Colibacillosis, Salomonellosis, Clostridial enteritidis, urinary tract infection cause by Staphylococcus and Streptococcus, liver abscess
- Pig :

Pasteurella pneumonia, Pleuoropneumonia, Atrophic rhinitis, Colibacillosis, Salomonellosis, Necrotic enteritidis, urinary tract infection.

Dosage and Administration

- Calf, Pig : Oral administration of product 7.5~25mg/kg b.w. diluted in drinking water or milk replacer or mixed with feed for 3~5 days.

Storage and Expiry

- Storage : 1~30°C and avoid direct sunlight
- Expiry : 24 months from manufactured date

Withdrawal period

Cattle 20 days, Pig 20 days


1kg Aluminum foil

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