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Treatment and prevention for infections caused by sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim sensitive bacteria. (Gastrointestinal, respiratory and genitourinary system)
- Chicken : Colibacillosis, Salmonellosis, Pasteurellosis, Mycoplasmosis.
- Pig : Atrophic rhinitis, Pleuropneumonia, Pasteurellosis.

Treatment and prevention of flumequine sensitive bacterial disease.
- Chicken : Colibacillosis (E. coli)
- Pig : Colibacillosis (E. coli)

Treatment of bacterial disease which is sensitive to tilmicosin.
- Pig :

Pasteurella pneumonia (Pasteurella multocida)
Pleuropneumonia (Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae)
Mycoplasmal pneumonia (Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae)
-Chicken :

Mycoplasmosis (Mycoplasma gallisepticum, Mycoplasma synoviae)

Treatment of enrofloxacin sensitive bacterial disease.
- Chicken :

Colibacillosis (E,Coli)
Mycoplasmosis (Mycoplasma galiiisepticum)
Salmonellosis (Salmonella typhimurium, Salmonella pullorum)
Infectious coryza (Haemophilus paragallinarum)

Promotion of metabolism and prevention of vitamin A, D, E, K deficiencies.
- Chicken :

Improve growth rate, laying performance, hatchability and feed efficacy Prevention of various stress such as vaccination, transportation, change of temperature.
- Cattle, Pig :

Prevention of vitamin deficiency and improvement of resistance against disease. Prevention of various stress
such as vaccination, transportation. Promotion of growth and improve vitality.

Treatment and prevention for coccidium infection in piglets and calves.

Prevention and treatment of chicken coccidiosis

- Chicken :

Ancillary treatment of inflammatory or infection disease like rhinitis, laryngotracheitis, bronchopneumonia, pneumonia.
- Pig :

Ancillary treatment of inflammatory disease like pneumonia, bronchitis, rhinitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis.

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