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Development and production of the world’s best veterinary pharmaceuticals starts right here at Green Cross.

korea animal vaccine company-gcvp-bk

Color of prosperity, richness, and peace

The main color used in our CI is green which symbolizes prosperity, richness, and peace.

The logo’s shape is the Cross, the symbol of making sacrifice, serving others, and love and this represents our commitment to make the world a place where humans and animals live in peace and harmony.

korea animal health company-gcvp.png

Since our logo is an essential element of our brand identity (BI), its forms or colors may not be altered arbitrarily. The logotype was designed in a way that represents consistency we have developed with our customers and maintains optimum readability.

We ask those who would like to use Green Cross’s logotype to enlarge or reduce the manuscript containing it in direct proportion so that it may not be modified. In principle, use of our logo is restricted to a printout of the data stored in a computer. However, in case you want to use the logo when a digital format is not available, you must use a GRID SYSTEM so that the shape of the logo may not be altered.

korea animal vaccine company-gcvp-bk

Our CI Written in English

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Our CI Written in Korean and English at once

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