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Newcastle Disease Live vaccine


(per dose)

- Newcastle disease virus (B1 strain)


---------------------------------- more than 10     EID50

---------------------------------- 20%


Dosage and Administration

Oral administration
- Wash enough bowls for drinking and diluting instruments with water day before vaccination.
- Add 0.3~0.5%, nonfat dried-milk in water for heightening vaccine effects.
- Prepare drinkers enough for more than 2/3 chickens to drink the vaccine at once.
- Let the chickens drink all of the prepared vaccine in 1~2 hours.
- Use natural cold drinking water without chlorine for diluting the vaccine.
- Provide water as usual after vaccination.
- Dilute 1,000 doses of vaccine with natural cold water as per the following table.

Nasal administration
- Rehydrate 1,000 doses of vial vaccine with 100mL of diluents
- Place one drop (0.1mL) of the vaccinal solution in the nasal cavity of each bird, waiting until the drop spreads properly before freeing the bird.

Storage and Expiry

- Storage : 2~8°C and avoid direct sunlight
- Expiry : 24 months from manufactured date


500 doses/vial, 1,000 doses/vial, 2,000 doses/vial

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