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Newcastle Disease LaSota Live Vaccine


(per dose)

- Newcastle disease virus (LaSota strain)


---------------------------------- more than 10     EID50

---------------------------------- 40%


Dosage and Administration

Only use for chickens older than 5 weeks old in drinking water administration
- Rinse waterers with clean non-sanitized water a day before vaccination.
- Add 0.3~0.5% nonfat dried-milk in water before mixing the vaccine for heightening vaccine effects.
- Provide adequate space so that at least two-thirds of the birds can drink at one time.
- The water containing vaccine should be consumed by the flock within 1-2 hours.
- Use water for dilution that does not contain chlorine or disinfectant.
- Provide water as usual after vaccination.
- Mix the dissolved vaccine with water as shown below and amount of water could be changed according to season, breeding condition or species

Storage and Expiry

- Storage : 2~8°C and avoid direct sunlight
- Expiry : 24 months from manufactured date


500 doses/vial, 1,000 doses/vial, 2,000 doses/vial

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